Wire Journal News - Sequel Expansion Update

April 3, 2022

Wire Journal News features update on Sequel expansion:

Sequel Wire Completes Expansion Featured

Sequel Wire and Cable reports that, since launching the business in Argos, Indiana, in January 2020, it has been successful despite global economic challenges. Those results led to a need for more capacity, and the insulated copper wire manufacturer recently completed an expansion and has hired a new sales manager.

A press release said that in July 2021, after six months of insulating products, Sequel needed to expand production to meet demand. A year later, the Phase 1 production expansion to the 162,000-sq-ft greenfield site has been completed, and is fully operational. The facility expansion has doubled internal wire drawing capabilities, and raised PVC wire output by a third.

The company said that the investments have made for more flexibility and shorter lead times for customers. It has also provided enhanced control since the need to source uninsulated wire externally was significantly reduced.

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