Sequel History

In May 2019, four partners came together to form Sequel Wire and Cable in Marshall County, Indiana with the vision of creating a company that would quickly become a meaningful player in the industry by employing the latest technologies, hiring the best employees, and maintaining an unrelenting focus on taking care of the customer.

Industry veteran, Rich Carr, is Sequel Wire and Cable's CEO. Rich has spent over 40 years in the wire and cable industry and was one of the original owners of the 1990 start-up Copperfield, located in Bremen, Indiana. Over the years, Copperfield took on an equity partner and grew the business to $519 million before selling to Coleman Cable in 2007 where Rich served as Executive VP of Manufacturing. Eventually, Coleman Cable sold to Southwire in 2014 where Rich served as Director of Manufacturing until retiring in 2017.
Partner, Denise Feece, will serve on Sequel's board advising on financial and administrative activities. Denise has over 10 years of experience in the wire and cable industry having served as VP Finance at Copperfield, Director of Operational Accounting and Corporate Planning at Coleman Cable, and VP Finance of Southwire's OEM division. Including her prior time spent in wire and cable, Denise has over 20 years of experience serving in lead financial positions for various manufacturing companies.
Former Copperfield CFO, James Merritt, will serve as an advisor on the board of directors of Sequel Wire and Cable. Jim brings many years of financial experience to the table which will be valuable as Sequel continues to grow in the future.
Greg Miller, a Bremen, Indiana native, rounds out the Sequel ownership bringing much expertise in managing business risk. Additionally, his keen business sense will provide valuable input into the business.