Sequel History

In May 2019, four partners came together to form Sequel Wire and Cable in Argos, Indiana with the vision of creating a company that would quickly become a meaningful player in the industry. By employing the latest technologies, hiring the best employees, and maintaining an unrelenting focus, the goal was taking care of the customer. In 2020 the last piece of the partnership team was added to fully serve the customers' needs and give our best.

Industry veteran, Rich Carr, is Sequel Wire and Cable's CEO. Rich’s career spans 40+ years in the industry. He was one of the original owners of the 1990 startup Copperfield, which took on an equity partner and grew to $519M, then sold to Coleman Cable where he served as EVP of Manufacturing. Upon sale to Southwire he was VP of Manufacturing. Sequel is his encore. Rich’s role is to drive vision, provide guidance for Sequel’s future, and assemble the right staff, machinery, and materials. “Engaging the people is the magic—they are what turns this into something that has never been done. My success is built on the people I’ve been able to attract and work with. I enjoy interfacing with employees to keep my finger on the pulse, and assure the right actions are taken at the right time for success.”
Denise Feece, COO/CFO, has 20+ years experience in manufacturing and finance roles in companies ranging from $200M to $6B, in both the private and public sectors, serving in positions such as Corporate Controller and VP of Finance. Denise is responsible for all administrative functions, and ensuring world class business processes are implemented consistently across the company in an easy and efficient manner. Denise’s passion is to envision and create streamlined cross-functional systems. “I enjoy interacting with employees across the company so that I can understand their daily work and goals, and help to automate repetitive tasks and make them less manually intensive.”
Todd Eagan, Sales Manager, has 33+ years of experience in nearly all facets of the insulated wire and cable industry, from insulated wire sales and management, to bare wire, PVC compounding, and copper rod sales. Todd is focused on enhancing the customer-supplier experience by being the liaison from order inquiry to processing, to final product delivery. His overarching goal is to collaborate to create a great relationship between Sequel and our customers. “For me, it’s a value proposition: The time and effort for our customers throughout the entire wire buying and processing cycle, should be the lowest in the industry.”
Mike Frigo retired in December 2022 to spend more time with family. He served as Chief Commercial Officer at Sequel, as the capstone to a remarkable career that evolved around the OEM market for 36+ years. He leveraged clear understanding of market, process, product knowledge, and authentic relationships. We at Sequel are grateful for his dedication to our launch and his coordination of the relationship between us and our customers for the best positive experience. He ensured every decision was based on Sequel values. “Overall customer experience with Sequel must not only be effective, but memorable.” Thank you Mike for being a memorable part of the Sequel family.